Saturday, January 9, 2010

Soho = Yawn

Not enough people braved the cold, and the ones that did were lame.

I just love grabbing the lights and tripods after they've been in the back of the truck for an hour.
Colder than ice.
It hasn't been this chilly in SA since 1985.
I have a picture of me from that particular weather event standing on the ice in the middle of our swimming pool.

If you want to see the videos that James shot last night, head over to YouTube and search Bliss Soho.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Ghey New Year!

BLISS counted down the last seconds at REBAR, and what an interesting night it was!

Things started out innocently enough...

Before too long I was invited onstage to play some Toadies...

Rikk seems to enjoy my lapdance action...

Chrissy takes matters into her own hand as Steve tries to flirt with Sylvia by looking down my own damn lens--the nerve!

Florin was there. He knows what happened.

Steve gets some nicotine from a helpful Bliss fan.

New Year kisses for everyone!

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