Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween, Bitches!

It was business as usual tonight at Rebar.
Bliss set 'em up and knocked 'em down.

Matt and a buddy had to work tonight, so we were glad they could drop by for a quick visit.

San Antonio is a hotbed of paranormal activity, and the night before Halloween is especially busy for these guys.
Ghosts who show up early, such as dead (but naughty) librarians and old fuckers killed on the way to Luby's positively infest Oct 30th, so we're lucky to have a well-equipped local office of the Ghost Busters.

I've been getting a lot of mileage out of this new skull.
These shots were worth the damage--looked like John Wilkes Boothe had done his thing by the time I got it back.
I can rebuild it--I have the technology.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wise Guys + Hitmen = Dead Meat

Bliss was playing at Wise Guys, The Hitmen were next door at Oasis, and Craving Amy/Bliss/Undercovers etc bassist El Peege was serving up fine BBQ in the parking lot.
So many friends of mine in one place--we had a lot of fun.

This is Bliss's brand new "tub full of guts"--a plastic tote that holds speaker cables, extension cords, mic cables, and Chrissy's fan.
Doesn't it look nice?

This is the old one.
Doesn't it look like shit?

After we finished setting up, I grabbed my camera and told James to get the roll of gaffer's tape from Rikk.
He looked confused at first but when I picked up the old tote and gave him an evil grin, James caught on to the possibility of fun and destruction.
We ripped that old piece of shit in half and taped the pieces to the wall next to the dumpster!
Very satisfying.

The Peege serves up BBQ at his brother's trailer.

John Jarrett lets me use his amp when I play bass for Loud Nine, and he was also kind enough to let me play Possum Kingdom by The Toadies with The Hitmen tonight while I was on break from the Bliss show next door.
Thanks, John!
I used Rikk's bass because I'm very "familiar" with it after spending a week restoring it to Bass-#1 status. My DNA is all over that red Ibanez.

Mike G. of Loud Nine & The Hitmen didn't buy me a beer tonight and my feelings are a little hurt...

Since this is supposed to be a website about Bliss, here's some Chrissy pr0n.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Smoke and Mirrors At SOHO

Bliss is bringing back the flashy show we were doing at the start of 2009.
Added a few elements at Soho but there aren't any pictures of what I did because it's impossible to hold down the related buttons and use my camera at the same time, James.

I spent last week fixing this bass so Rikk could use it again as a spare, but it's already become #1.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Flight Line's Cherry

Bliss has it now.
We took it fair and square.

These people think they're seeing the last encore, but 2 hours later Rikk James stopped by my house for one more song and dance.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bliss Plays A Sweet 16 Party

We rocked for the bikers and kids, with isolated incidents of grannies lifting their skirts.

"Not For Highway Use".
No Shit?
It's a fucking 2-wheel handtruck.
Who in their right mind thinks these little tires are rated for anything above a brisk walk?

Strangest thing I ever saw--all the frantic hyper (and probably a little drunk) kids suddenly sat their little asses down and watched BLISS rip it up for one song.
Fittingly it was Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns & Roses.

Rikk the DJ spins some Live Selina to crank this party into high gear.

If you see a cute 16 year old cruising around SA on an orange Harley Sportster­, it's Samantha from this party.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Retox Detox Retox Detox

We do what we gotta do, I guess.

Steve singing pretty.

Rikk stands for Rokk.

"Dude, when the fuck are they gonna play some Jimmy Buffet?"

Not a reverse bird: Florin's finger is bent like that to hold his pick.
Look closely.

This dude rocked until he puked.
He came around looking to beat up whoever took a picture of him barfing (noticed flash and mirror-slap) but wisely chose to bathe Chrissy in his vomit breath for six minutes instead.
Bliss's audience is The BEST!!!