Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bliss Bundles Up @ GRC

It was cold in Kerrville tonight--probably 35f or less by closing time. It's the first time I've seen Chrissy sing without being half-nekkid.

Florin knows Kerrville weather so he used under-layers so as not to change his 'look'. His playing is too fiery to need much more.

Chrissy went with an Ed Hardy hoodie and Jack Skellington belt buckle, plus boots that were high enough in all possible ways to keep her feet and legs away from the icy floor.
GRC (Guadalupe River Club) is cantilevered off the side of a steep river slope, so tonight the floor got frigid air underneath and reminded me of standing on a hockey rink, but with 37% less fighting and falling down.

Steve's 12" Tom is being swapped-out for a loaner/replacement(?) while it goes back to the factory--we're waiting for the guy from Pearl™ to hit town in a few days. There's some de-lamination and soft spots in the shell.
That drum has been nothing but trouble since Day 1, and I'm glad it's finally been confirmed by expert diagnosis that Steve and I aren't crazy.
They'll make it good--shit happens.

There are "eyes open" versions from this series.

Layers for Rikk as well.
It's his "birthday weekend" so he's a little out of focus.

When I put skulls on speakers it makes them sound better.
You're mileage may vary.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Double Shot Of Rock At Hooligan's

Two Bands, No Waiting!
And no crappy DJ break music...

After the big pay-per-view boxing thing last night, BLISS and Prototype™ took turns delivering the crazy from two stages.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Tonight was our first time at The View, and it worked out pretty well.
Now we know that there's four 20amp outlets and four 30amp ones, which is more than enough (for a change!).
Should have brought the truss with 8 lights for behind the band.
And some drapes to cover the windows around the stage--all that glass was reflecting the cymbals right up everyone's asses.

I know someone who's really looking forward to the SuperBowl.

Two encores, screaming, pandemonium...a typical Bliss show.
I suspect we'll play The View again.

Hope so--it's the closest club to my house--literally just down the street.
I was home in under 5 minutes, although running that red light sped things up.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

ReBar Is Bliss's Bitch

Just like every other club in recent memory, ReBar got the full Bliss treatment tonight and is ready to start turning tricks for us.

This skull is starting to turn up everywhere, internationally. Coming to a bookstore near you. Seriously.

Steve and Chrissy

Chrissy and Rikk

In the midst of pandemonium

Repeat Images By Special Request:

(Thanks for the beers!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Revolution Room Wants More

More encores, more fights, and now they want us to play twice each month.
My guess is that standing-room-only crowds and bulging cash drawers finally penetrated the layers of BS between the nightly business and management.
There had better be a substantial raise involved--do the math. If the club makes a thousand or two more whenever we play that has to be worth a hundred or 2 more for Bliss. Am I right?
I don't know for sure what's driving the recent surge in our popularity, but if I had to guess the answer would

A toast--I think this one was "The Birds", now featuring 33% more swallowing because Bliss always tries to do better than last time.

"Take that you sweet Paiste whore cymbal".

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bones & Jager

Just screwing around with some new equipment.

Sea Monkeys Released Into The Bay

Started slow, ended strong.
Old friends, familiar surroundings.
The best Sea Monkeys show since Cheetah joined the band, and we keep improving so watch out for insane progress in 2009.

I've gotten the old Hitmen back-lights into a useable state.
Now I just need to take them home and clean the lenses inside and out, blow out the dust, plus find replacement parts for the truss system and access plates.
And lubrication. Don't EVER forget the lube!

It's all Steve and Rikk for this entry.
Neglected them at the Bliss show last night, and have been shooting too much of the pretty-boy singer in recent months anyway.

Considering I only take pictures for maybe 2 minutes a night total, y'all are lucky to get anything that doesn't blow goats.

Or ducks...

Where are we next weekend?
Fucked if I know.

String Theory is at StoneWerks Big Rock Grill on Thursday.
I'll be the guy freezing his ass off while doing a Sudoku puzzle and texting my lady.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

BLISS at Retox

The first show of 2009 could not have been better.
What a great audience!
The 5 of us kicked no small amount of ass if I do say so myself.

The Sea Monkeys will be at Retox tonight.
It's in the old Iguana Bay, and 3 of us are former Hitmen so come by for some nostalgia and drinks.