Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bandannas And Dollar Bills

Bliss & Drive teamed-up to demolish the crowd at Hooligan's.
A couple of other bands opened the show, but I didn't catch their names and the music was generic and forgettable.
Being loud and fast doesn't hold a candle to having real talent.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

FuckFuckFuck Kerrville

It was an eventful night at the Guadalupe River Club.

Chrissy found some guy with BLISS tattooed on his arm:

Other stuff it was so crowded I could only get two beers all night.

I was feeling pretty good about all the work I've done on the band's trailer.
Dragging one around is new for me, and I didn't like it at first.
But with the new taillights and wiring, real safety chains, and a lock on the back door, it's less of a worry.
Even managed to back it into the loading area at GRC and then back into my garage a few minutes ago, and I'm a trailer-in-reverse virgin.

Unfortunately, on the way home (near Boerne) two deer came running out of nowhere and I hit them.
I'm still shaken up.

As if that's not bad enough, I was driving my future father-in-law's truck and it's fucked-up.
Is the band going to cover his insurance deductible?
(Yeah, right!)
Glad Steve was with me--it would have been even worse without someone to talk to.

So I'm in a shitty mood--and trying hard not to think about the poor deer I just thumped.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bliss Should Live At Hooligan's

We play there all the fucking time--might as well wall-off a section of the upper floor for a Bliss apartment.
I could fix their shitty sound system before lunch, then have all the lights working by showtime.
Of course I would have to disable my fixes for the other bands...

Despite the worry and heartache everyone in the band is suffering, we managed to pull a great show out of our drunken butts.

Florin's pretending not to notice Chrissy's tits at his feet.

You still awake, Peege?
Kicked ass tonight, my brother.
Thanks again for coming to our rescue.
How did you like the big boomey stage where you can't hear yourself?

My favorite part was when 'River Chase Rick' got ejected for hanging with undesireables.