Saturday, June 27, 2009

Craving Amy

Watched the first set at Jalen's, and discovered that Craving Amy is a really good band. I was surprised at how much Peege sings with them, and how good his harmonies are.

With BLISS I only get a chance to shoot pictures when my sound engineering duties don't keep me behind the mixing board--maybe 3-5 minutes total all night, so I put the camera in continuous autofocus and shooting modes and take 3 frames a second so I can improve my odds of getting 'keepers'.
On this night I enjoyed the luxury of being able to take a picture whenever I felt like it, and also got to experiment with using a small controlled amount of flash as seen in the last four.

I also got a free pint of beer from the bar staff because my coolness was so obvious.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Late Great Chrissy Bliss

We started playing a "little" late, but rocked the fuck out of Revolution Room.
Nothing like tossing the bun and getting right down to eating the meat--every song was killer.

RevRoom made money, Bliss made money, UHaul made money, and a packed club full of drunk fuckas got their shit rocked to the edge of destruction.
Life is good.

Next week BLISS will be in Kerrville at the famous GRC.
Check our myspace page for exact date and time.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hooligan's In Black & White

Decided to see what my camera will give me in black and white mode, versus converting in PhotoShop.
Forgot that I had pre-set this, so the awesome sunset I shot while loading the gear into Hooligan's turned out like crap.

A ritual at every Bliss show, Chrissy leads a toast (the birds) to our missing member Rikk. See you soon, brother!

U-Haul was out of pickups, so I had to rent a 17' box truck.
The first one puked coolant all over my driveway so I had to take it back for a replacement.
This is truck 2, which was much newer and everything about it worked better from the motor and transmission to the suspension and seats and AC and steering--that first one was a piece of crap.

Only problem was that it wouldn't fit anywhere near my garage so simply hooking-up our trailer wasn't an option.
I had to drag all our shit out of the trailer and up the ramp by myself.
And I'll have to do it again in reverse because I made sure to reserve a pick-up for tomorrow to save the band money.

I'm wiped out.
And the tip jar scored exactly $0.00 tonight--not even a fucking quarter--so I'm very disappointed in the audience tonight.

"But we sang along and got Chrissy hammered!"
Fuck that shit--how about we concentrate on what's important?

Your chance at redemption is Saturday June 13th at The Revolution Room on Broadway 1 mile inside Loop 410.
Try to advance as a species, BlissTards.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sloppy Night At Retox

The band was great--it's the audience that was sloppy.

Never seen so many people fall down in a single night.