Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hooligan's In Black & White

Decided to see what my camera will give me in black and white mode, versus converting in PhotoShop.
Forgot that I had pre-set this, so the awesome sunset I shot while loading the gear into Hooligan's turned out like crap.

A ritual at every Bliss show, Chrissy leads a toast (the birds) to our missing member Rikk. See you soon, brother!

U-Haul was out of pickups, so I had to rent a 17' box truck.
The first one puked coolant all over my driveway so I had to take it back for a replacement.
This is truck 2, which was much newer and everything about it worked better from the motor and transmission to the suspension and seats and AC and steering--that first one was a piece of crap.

Only problem was that it wouldn't fit anywhere near my garage so simply hooking-up our trailer wasn't an option.
I had to drag all our shit out of the trailer and up the ramp by myself.
And I'll have to do it again in reverse because I made sure to reserve a pick-up for tomorrow to save the band money.

I'm wiped out.
And the tip jar scored exactly $0.00 tonight--not even a fucking quarter--so I'm very disappointed in the audience tonight.

"But we sang along and got Chrissy hammered!"
Fuck that shit--how about we concentrate on what's important?

Your chance at redemption is Saturday June 13th at The Revolution Room on Broadway 1 mile inside Loop 410.
Try to advance as a species, BlissTards.

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