Sunday, September 27, 2009

Long Drive Home

Hooligan's is way the hell across town, but it still beats the drive home from GRC in Kerrville.

Soul Prodigy opened the show for Bliss.
Wasn't successful in getting their crew to leave the lights.

Rikk's dirty bass.

Special thanks to everyone who helped me drag our shit out of the club, and of course James.
Y'all added six and a half weeks to my life expectantcy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bliss Isn't Henry & The Invisibles

Pay no attention to what the papers say--place your trust in the mighty calendar.

I worked twice as hard to make this show a success, so how come I didn't make twice the money?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Revolutionary Idea

Start on time and rock so hard the audience is reduced to pointing and grunting when trying to order drinks

Chrissy using her new skull bottle opener.

She's not a stripper but we'll gladly take your dollars.
We use them to buy batteries, duct tape, and sandwiches.

Terry and Paul didn't bring me a beer like they promised, so I'm posting this photo as a warning: I can just as easily take one that you don't want anyone to see.

Happy Birthday to the You Know Who!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chillin' @ Hooligan's

Bliss was taking it easy tonight.
Don't get me wrong--everyone in the organization kicked serious ass--but on a night that combined rain, a Mudvayne show across town, and the huge percentage of San Antonians that bail for the coast on Labor Day weekend, the club was less than packed and a more informal and intimate mood seemed appropriate.

James is the newest member of Bliss--seen here getting his $2.99 cheeseburger from our waitperson Jenna.
Unlike most people who get tricked into helping me do the dirty and painful work, my new best friend knows all about bands and equipment and snakes and sluts.
I like my men strong and smart and experienced.
(Being serious here so hold the gay jokes).
James only needed to learn Bliss's system, not the techniques and reasons for each task.
"Been there, done that, what do you need me to do?" are magic words to me, so he's like an Angel from Heaven.
(Can y'all quit with the gay jokes? I'm not gonzo. Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Moving on to Rikk's beer and piss bucket.
Saved him a lot of time.

When I mentioned chillin' in the title of this post I meant several things.
One of them is that air conditioning works a lot better when it isn't 105* outside, so Hooligan's was a little shivery tonight. Another chill factor was that I went for the photos that I like instead of the ones that are all about making Bliss look pretty.

"When Florin was a toddler he was such a handful".

Chrissy understands that this is a photo about my mixing board, not her Eddie Spaghetti shirt.
She wasn't looking at the camera when I composed this snapshot but my pop-up flash goes off 3 times in dark rooms so she figured it out and ruined my plan.
Smart-ass twat.

In Between Notes
I really like this kind of shit.

In Between Notes 2

Jenna drops-off my next big beer during Voodoo Child (Slight Return).
My tab was comp'd so she got an estimated percentage, which is usually better.

I got some really cool new shoes yesterday for 50% off at MJM (hwy 281 between Bitters and Nakoma).
(I'm not gonna tell you again about the gay jokes!!!)
Most of you would probably prefer to see an old pair of Chrissy's kicks, so enjoy!

Awww hell-y'all can have some Bliss action shots.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ultimate Bliss At Retox

From the opening notes I could tell that Bliss was going to have one of those special nights that come along only a few times each year.
There was a certain precision and authority to everyone's playing (and mixing, bitches!) that can cause musicians in the audience to stand around with their mouths hanging open.
The general public gets off on it, too.
When Bliss has a bad show they still kick serious ass--tonight the band was too far above everyone else to make any kind of meaningful comparison.
For the first time since I've known him, Rikk was speechless.
Fortunately, I was able to articulate his thoughts as I stood in the middle of the room uttering Fuuuuck! again and again.

Sylvia pointed out to me that Rikk's new approach to bass tone depends on running the cable up his shorts and into his ass.
I'll have to try that someday.
That Rikk--he's always an innovator.

No comment.

Feel the love.

Steve's snare drum smackdown party is in full swing.
Loved the jazz excursion.

That Girl!

Thanks to my roadie and his roadie.
I really appreciate all the help.

Hello and welcome to our newest Bliss Blog visitors.

Keep an eye peeled for Loud Nine.
Me and Steve have a side project that's already making waves.

Bliss will be at Hooligan's Saturday Sept 5.
If you aren't there, we hate you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009