Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ultimate Bliss At Retox

From the opening notes I could tell that Bliss was going to have one of those special nights that come along only a few times each year.
There was a certain precision and authority to everyone's playing (and mixing, bitches!) that can cause musicians in the audience to stand around with their mouths hanging open.
The general public gets off on it, too.
When Bliss has a bad show they still kick serious ass--tonight the band was too far above everyone else to make any kind of meaningful comparison.
For the first time since I've known him, Rikk was speechless.
Fortunately, I was able to articulate his thoughts as I stood in the middle of the room uttering Fuuuuck! again and again.

Sylvia pointed out to me that Rikk's new approach to bass tone depends on running the cable up his shorts and into his ass.
I'll have to try that someday.
That Rikk--he's always an innovator.

No comment.

Feel the love.

Steve's snare drum smackdown party is in full swing.
Loved the jazz excursion.

That Girl!

Thanks to my roadie and his roadie.
I really appreciate all the help.

Hello and welcome to our newest Bliss Blog visitors.

Keep an eye peeled for Loud Nine.
Me and Steve have a side project that's already making waves.

Bliss will be at Hooligan's Saturday Sept 5.
If you aren't there, we hate you.

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