Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wise Guys Lose Their Cherry

Bliss brought our electric wang to Wise Guys and showed them how it feels to lose your "other" virginity.
Translation: The band has played there before but everyone at the club is new.

This is how the night usual.

How does she do that?
Blinded by the lights and across 50 feet and a hundred people Chrissy knows when I'm pointing my camera at her and looks me right in the eye.
It happens so often I'm starting to get a little freaked-out.

New Band!
Loud Nine
Saturday July 25

Sunday, July 19, 2009

No Subs At Hooligan's

No substitutions I should say.
Just the original BLISS rocking all night.

Chris Lopez sang Creep with Chrissy, and it was a hot mess.

The club's subs (subwoofers) crapped-out during the last break and nobody knew how to fix them but me. They should have asked nicely (with booze) instead of relying on the unqualified, who failed.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Legendary Rikk Returns

We were 5 seconds from starting the 1st set when this happened:

On with the show.

Rikk is back with a vengeance!
And he's even helping me hook the shit up, for which I am grateful.
I'm posting this highly flawed shot because it was an intentional hand block action by some random twat.


Madness all night, which is as it should be.
Here we are getting ready to play an encore, well past closing time.

My personal favorite photo of the night.

I have the rest of the cake here at my house if anyone needs some.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Crow Brings All The Bad Little Babies

It was a night of madness and myth, talent and heart at Hooligan's.

The Peege enjoys his last night with least until we fire Rikk's ass for being early and knowing his parts.

Beers and ashtrays--that's Hooligan's.

Speaking of Rikk...

He played a few songs and seemed to enjoy it...


Saturday, July 4, 2009

We Love Happy Endings

As much as BLISS enjoyed playing with the Peege, and appreciated his hard work and his coolness at helping us survive through hard times, it's impossible to not be glad that our much-missed brother Rikk is returning next weekend at Hooligan's July 10th.
The Peege is a class act and I'm glad to have found a new friend. We owe him many favors, but I draw the line at reach-arounds and happy endings.

My buddy Scot Taylor joined us for a few songs including this duet (Do It!) singing Creep by Radiohead.
I first met Scot when I joined the BeWires back in 1996(?) and it's interesting to note that him and Steve and Buz and I are still tight--but that other guy who fired my three friends? Not so much...

Tuning...tuning...tuning...I have a pic of every string getting tuned.

Bye Bye, UHaul!!!
If everything goes according to plan I am done renting trucks from UHaul.
I think their trailer light hookups only worked 15% of the time, which blew goats after working so hard to get the trailer's lights fixed in the first place.
I'm lucky I didn't get pulled over.
And these were all brand new GMC pickups with less than 2000 miles on them.
A joy to drive, but come on.

BLISS will be playing from 3:30-4:30 Saturday July 4th at Market Square.
I won't be there.
They don't need me.