Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bliss Should Live At Hooligan's

We play there all the fucking time--might as well wall-off a section of the upper floor for a Bliss apartment.
I could fix their shitty sound system before lunch, then have all the lights working by showtime.
Of course I would have to disable my fixes for the other bands...

Despite the worry and heartache everyone in the band is suffering, we managed to pull a great show out of our drunken butts.

Florin's pretending not to notice Chrissy's tits at his feet.

You still awake, Peege?
Kicked ass tonight, my brother.
Thanks again for coming to our rescue.
How did you like the big boomey stage where you can't hear yourself?

My favorite part was when 'River Chase Rick' got ejected for hanging with undesireables.

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