Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rebar--Where's Rikk?

Our bass player skipped town two steps ahead of fathers with shotguns, or so the story goes.
I felt vulnerable and scared without my boss and protector there with me.
Also felt over-worked. Dragging all our heavy shit from the trailer to the stage by myself is no fucking picnic.
I think I sprained my gozinta.

There was a long line of people waiting to get inside.
Utter pandemonium all night--best crowd ever!
Chrissy got a break because the audience was doing most of the singing.

Nice people--thanks for the beer.

Blew a circuit breaker tonight--it's been 6 months since that's happened.
Had the band up and running again in 2 minutes, and they picked up the same song where they left off.
Fucking power-sucking neon beer signs can bite my shiny metal ass.

Introducing Peege, our fill-in bassist until Rikk is able to return.
He also plays with Chrissy in the Undercovers.
A solid 4-stringer with nice tone who must have balls the size of church bells to learn all our songs and jump right in without a single rehearsal.
Buy this guy a drink next time you see him.
Saved our asses!

Fingers everywhere.
Even in the ladies room, judging by what I saw from the doorway.

Get well ASAP, Rikk.
I don't like doing this without you.
Chrissy's mean to me and Florin won't share.
Steve stole my cookie.


Peege said...

Nice page. I'm having a blast rocking with you guys! The audience response is fucking amazing!

KeithAlanK said...

Thanks. You're doing great, so get used to the screaming.