Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sea Monkeys Released Into The Bay

Started slow, ended strong.
Old friends, familiar surroundings.
The best Sea Monkeys show since Cheetah joined the band, and we keep improving so watch out for insane progress in 2009.

I've gotten the old Hitmen back-lights into a useable state.
Now I just need to take them home and clean the lenses inside and out, blow out the dust, plus find replacement parts for the truss system and access plates.
And lubrication. Don't EVER forget the lube!

It's all Steve and Rikk for this entry.
Neglected them at the Bliss show last night, and have been shooting too much of the pretty-boy singer in recent months anyway.

Considering I only take pictures for maybe 2 minutes a night total, y'all are lucky to get anything that doesn't blow goats.

Or ducks...

Where are we next weekend?
Fucked if I know.

String Theory is at StoneWerks Big Rock Grill on Thursday.
I'll be the guy freezing his ass off while doing a Sudoku puzzle and texting my lady.

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