Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wise Guys + Hitmen = Dead Meat

Bliss was playing at Wise Guys, The Hitmen were next door at Oasis, and Craving Amy/Bliss/Undercovers etc bassist El Peege was serving up fine BBQ in the parking lot.
So many friends of mine in one place--we had a lot of fun.

This is Bliss's brand new "tub full of guts"--a plastic tote that holds speaker cables, extension cords, mic cables, and Chrissy's fan.
Doesn't it look nice?

This is the old one.
Doesn't it look like shit?

After we finished setting up, I grabbed my camera and told James to get the roll of gaffer's tape from Rikk.
He looked confused at first but when I picked up the old tote and gave him an evil grin, James caught on to the possibility of fun and destruction.
We ripped that old piece of shit in half and taped the pieces to the wall next to the dumpster!
Very satisfying.

The Peege serves up BBQ at his brother's trailer.

John Jarrett lets me use his amp when I play bass for Loud Nine, and he was also kind enough to let me play Possum Kingdom by The Toadies with The Hitmen tonight while I was on break from the Bliss show next door.
Thanks, John!
I used Rikk's bass because I'm very "familiar" with it after spending a week restoring it to Bass-#1 status. My DNA is all over that red Ibanez.

Mike G. of Loud Nine & The Hitmen didn't buy me a beer tonight and my feelings are a little hurt...

Since this is supposed to be a website about Bliss, here's some Chrissy pr0n.

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