Sunday, June 8, 2008

BarFly Doesn't Suck...

...but the thugs and hootchies bar across the parking lot sure as fuck does.
Are bad "music" and ghetto clothes still in fashion?
You bet they are.
And the fools who love it can't drive worth a shit.

This was my first time working at BarFly. I eventually discovered all of it's secrets, such as don't put 1600 watts worth of lights on the same circuit breaker as the projection TV and video game.

Wish I had seen Rikk pwning the parking lot douche from the other club. Sounds like it was a priceless photo-op.

I was too busy trying to act casual while getting into my own ride.
The transvestite in the passenger seat of the car right next to me had apparently decided that finishing his makeup was more important than putting on a damned dress and covering his junk.

It was a good night, but there were at least seven people who's necks I wanted to step on.
Cock Fly is done, now on to the Dogs...

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