Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Big Sing-Along

Revolution Room, Saturday Night:

It was wild.
The first set wasn't very well received, and technical issues had me distracted and cranky.
The crowd consisted of a handful of the Blissed faithful and a bunch of fucktards.
The new songs kinda tanked compared to the older stuff, but it's too early to tell if they will stay on the setlist for very long.

By the second set I guess everyone who came to rock had shown up and gotten their drinks on.
I had "fixed" the sound system's problems (compensated is a better word) and was feeling better after a beer or two.
The band unleashed some intense ear-spank on the new and improved crowd that was almost fatal. Shots were flying!
As usual everyone thinks this band has only 4 members. I swear, I'm about ready to pussify the sound if someone doesn't take charge and remind everyone in the club that there are 5 of us. Bourbon, Jager, OilyHandJobs, whatever...

Then we get to the third set.
It was sick.
A seething mass of people rocking as hard as they can and singing parts of the songs at Chrissy's command.
The extra bodies fixed the room's bad acoustical properties so I was in a good mood, at least until I started taking pictures with the borrowed camera.

This is proof of the encore that took us right to the edge of TABC's rules.
It turned into a crazy-ass show that will be remembered for at least 2 weeks.

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