Sunday, May 10, 2009

Revolution Room Gets Ricockulous

El RevRoom was a little un-crowded tonight, but according to my sources it was that way everywhere. Bliss still gave all they had for the peoples.

Don't get me wrong--it was like 57% of a normal RevRoom crowd, and they were deeply into our music.

She tried, but the free drinks kept coming.
Y'all need to settle the fuck down and let us put on our best show.
Put that money in the tip jar so I can afford to pay for truck damage.

I'm surprised she isn't flashing "the shocker".

I have new nicknames for everyone in the band.
In no particular order, Bliss is:
Rehab (the good kind)
Sweats like a whore in church
Les Paul Reed Smith
Loud Nine
Higher than bat pussy
Most of the above

Which one am I?

1 comment:

Tom said...

Higher than bat vagina! or Rehab(the good kind)