Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Take the F828 Out Drinking

Hooligan's Friday Night

The F828 is a Sony digicam that was a state-of-the-art-ass-kicker when released in 2003.
There still isn't another camera that can do everything this beast can do right out of the box.
Extreme close-ups without paying extra for a 'macro' lens, video at 640x480 and 30 fps, infrared, 8mp, both Memory Stick and Compact Flash card slots...well worth the $1000 price tag back in the day.

An internet friend and fan sent it to me along with a nice external flash last month because he knew I needed it after my older Sony F717 died.
Do any of you have internet friends this cool?

It's the first time I brought it to a show instead of my Sony Alpha300 DSLR.
No surprises--for 2003 technology it did a great job.

Bliss did a great job, too.
As always it was crazy all night and the free drinks may have set a record.

A new guy is hanging around named James--an old buddy of Rikk's--and he was both a big help with the equipment and a fun dude to hang with.
Felt like I've been friends with him for years.

It was nice seeing the Peege and Wilma for 3 minutes tonight.

Shot some video tests with the F828 tonight and the sound quality was surprisingly good. You can expect to see some vid clips here in the future.

Guess we'll see some of you at the super funtastic party in New Braufels tommorrow.
If you weren't invited, it sucks to be you.

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