Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rebar 12/11/09

It's been a month since I posted to this site, but y'all didn't miss me one bit.

It was just more of the same old thing--Bliss kicking ass and sticking shivs in our livers.

Tall dude sings along. Wasn't close enough to judge quality...

Rikk makes his Ibanez bass thunder and growl.

Free Drinks Are Good


Blissy Chris

The 457th Prettiest Man In Rock

Huge thanks to Aileen for digging out my camera and finally capturing evidence of Bliss allowing someone else on their stage. She did a great job!

It was a stone groove, my man.
Thanks, Rikk!!

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Ringleader said...

My mind wonders on crazy pics to take. but your welcome Keith