Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Return Of The Sea Monkeys

Guadalupe River Club saw history in the making last Saturday with The Sea Monkeys playing their first show since February, featuring new singer Cheetah.

While this band features 80% of BLISS (with a mostly different song list), it's now also 60% of the last great version of The Hitmen.
Sea Monkeys pics will tag along here since I'm not going to start yet another website for a band that only plays once or twice a month.

As Rikk put it: "We're the Sea Monkeys, or the Hitmen, or the Hit Monkeys, or the Sea Men."
Yes, The Semen is where we're going with this joke.

See for yourself Friday August 15th at Speedway on Grissom Rd.
BLISS will be at Hot Tin Roof on Saturday.

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