Saturday, August 30, 2008

Speedway Sports Bar #1

Turned into a great show, eventually.
The snarling bitch-fight was a fun distraction.
When one of them grabbed a ball off the pool table everyone flipped out.

This club is okay, but the layout frustrates the shit out of me.
I can't put the lights where I want to, and I can't put the speakers where I NEED to.
There's crap everywhere and it's ALL in my way.
The jukebox speakers are right up my ass, and the bartenders are slow sometimes.
Security let us down last show, but were much improved tonight.

They don't pay the going rate for San Antonio's best band.
If it wasn't fairly close to my house I would vote to shitcan the Speedway from our schedule, but you can't argue with a great audience.

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