Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lettuce Entertain You

Guadalupe River Club is the only gig where I'll eat--the planks of fish are great and we love the fries.
Sylvia and I split a burger tonight and it was pretty good.

Chrissy got playful with my ketchup and it kicked ass so much I had to take a picture.
Destroying her art with my fries was fun, too.
Look for their new item The BlissBurger.
It's #420 on the menu.

GRC is always a good time, but tonight's audience was out of control! I guess it helped that the band was in rare form.

But just wait until next time--ladders and drills will be involved, speakers will be moved, lights will be moved, I will be moved, the crowd will definitely be moved...
I'm tired of compromising the quality of our sound and lights so we're going to do things MY way and take it to the next level.

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