Sunday, December 21, 2008

Private Bliss

We played at a quinceanera in the Shertz Civic Center tonight, and it went really well--at least all of the major goofs were by someone else.

Rikk watching the powerpoint slideshow while playing 'Yellow'.

A rare sighting of Chrissy in a dress and heels--this lasted for 3-4 songs before changing into her usual stage gear.
I thought she looked very pretty and sweet.

Southside Sounds's Frank and Noel handled the DJ duties (and beer fetching) with skill and grace, and Bliss thanks them for their hard work.

The father of the birthday girl was very nice to us all night, and the big bottle of Jagermeister was mucho appreciado. We killed it.

The crew at Shertz Civic Center were terrific--staying out of our way and not being event nazis, plus helping us out quickly when it was decided we needed a bigger stage. The facility is new and excellent.

The huge group of teens were well behaved and many of them had mad hiphop skillz--several of the guys got served.

Can't say much about the photo/video duo except that I'm not sure if the emo assistant was mute or just a moron. There was a condescending attitude coming from them that I suspect isn't warranted judging by the way many things were shot--you can't bounce flash very well off of ceilings and walls when in the middle of a huge room like that, but that didn't stop them from trying. Buy a diffuser next time.
And why no umbrellas or softboxes plus a background for taking portraits on this special night? Huh?
Emo spent a lot of time shooting bootleg video of our show, so now I'll have to spend a lot of time searching YouTube and MySpace to see if they violated our copyrights.
The sound and light production was mine, and the performance belongs to BLISS.
If I find anything that doesn't suck, it belongs to us now.

The off-duty cops handling security were cool, and also stayed out of our way by hardly doing anything at all.
Thanks, boys in blue!

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